Matter Release Notes

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Added a Matter example for the Silicon Labs EFR32MG24.

The Silicon Labs EFR32MG24 Matter example functions as a light bulb device type with on/off capabilities.


Added a Matter example for the Bouffalo Labs BL702.

The Bouffalo Labs BL702 Matter example functions as a light bulb device type with on/off capabilities.


Added a Matter example for the Telink TLSR9518.

The Telink TLSR9518 Matter example functions as a light bulb device type with on/off capabilities.


Google Home ecosystem support for Matter 1.0.

The Matter 1.0 specification is now supported by the Google Home ecosystem. This support adds new console functionality and updates to the Home Mobile SDK.

  • Supported Matter device types and Google hubs have been updated. To develop Matter in the Google Home ecosystem, devices must meet the following requirements:
    • Uses the connectedhomeip v1.0-branch branch. We recommend using this branch in your Matter device firmware to ensure compatibility with the Google Home ecosystem.
    • Google Hub firmware min version: 1.56.324896 (appears on hub as Chromecast firmware version)
    • Google Play services min version: 22.36.15
    • Google Home app (GHA) min version:
    • Matter (home.matter) GMSCore min version: 223802900
    • Thread (threadnetwork) GMSCore min version: 223615000
  • Google Home Developer Console updates:
  • Home Mobile SDK updates:


Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) firmware update for Preview Program.

Starting November 21st, 2022, Nest Hubs (2nd gen) opted into the Preview Program are being updated to support Matter 1.0 in anticipation of Google's general availability (GA) of Matter. The release rollout will continue for the next few weeks.

Nest Hubs receiving the update should be on firmware version 1.56.324896 or higher after the update. To verify if your hub received the update, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap Settings > About device, and check the Cast firmware version.

Once your Nest Hub (2nd gen) receives the firmware update, developers will need to take the following actions for previously-commissioned Matter devices:

  1. Matter devices must be updated to firmware compatible with the v1.0-branch branch of the connectedhomeip GitHub repo. Build instructions for all vendor examples have been updated with the GitHub branch for this version.
  2. Matter devices must then be recommissioned.


Google Home Sample App for Matter version 1.0.3 released.

For a list of updates and bug fixes for the Sample App, refer to GitHub Releases.


  Developer Preview release  

The Matter Developer Preview is now available.

This release includes availability of Google Play services Matter APIs, as well as preview versions of new codelabs, samples, and tools:

Type Content Description
API Google Play services home modules Initial beta of the Google Play services Home library for Matter commissioning and device sharing on the Android platform. For more information, refer to the Google Play services release notes.
Develop phase Mobile SDK
Codelab Build an Android App for Matter Customize the Google Home Sample App for Matter to commission and manage devices.
Codelab Build a Matter virtual device Build, commission, and use a virtual Matter device.
Sample Google Home Sample App for Matter Use the Mobile SDK to create an Android app that's similar to Google Home.
Develop phase Mobile SDK
Sample Intent-based Commissioning for Matter How to start commissioning a Matter device when a Matter-compliant QR code is seen in the viewfinder of the camera on an Android device.
Tool Google Home Plugin for Android Studio This plugin gives you access to Google Assistant Simulator, Cloud Logging, and other tools to simplify your smart home development process.
Develop phase Mobile SDK
Tool Virtual Device Controller A desktop application that provides visual state and controls for Matter virtual devices.
Develop phase Device SDK


  Private Beta release  

The Matter Private Beta and Google Home Developer Console are now available.