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Launch a Matter integration

A Matter integration can only be launched once it has been Works with Google Home (WWGH) certified by Google (approved status). Multiple integrations versions can be approved for launch, but only one version can be live in production.

Once a version of an integration has launched, it is removed from all other Matter sections of the Google Home Developer Console, and cannot be tested again or re-certified.

Go to the Developer Console

  1. Go to Matter > Launch.
  2. Certified versions of the integration should appear in the Ready to launch section.

  3. Click Launch for the version of the integration you wish to launch.

  4. You are given the option to launch immediately or to schedule one.

  5. Select Immediately or Schedule and click Launch.

Launch immediately

If you choose to launch immediately, the chosen integration moves to the Launched section. The integration should be available in the ecosystem immediately.

Schedule a launch

If you choose to schedule your launch, a calendar dialog appears. Choose a date and time in the future to launch your integration. The launch must be within 30 days from the current date.

After choosing a date and time, the integration moves to the Scheduled to launch section.

Reschedule a scheduled launch

Any integration listed in the Scheduled to launch section can be rescheduled.

  1. Click Reschedule for the desired integration.
  2. A calendar dialog appears. From here you have two options:
    1. Select Immediately to launch immediately.
    2. Select Schedule and choose a new date and time in the future to launch your integration.
  3. Click Reschedule to confirm your choice.
    1. A launch rescheduled for immediate launch is handled as described in Launch immediately.
    2. A launch rescheduled for a different date and time is handled as described in Schedule a launch.

Cancel a launch

Any integration listed in the Scheduled to launch section can be cancelled. This is also useful if you decide to launch a different version of the integration than what is already scheduled.

  1. Click the icon for the integration and select Cancel from the dropdown.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click Cancel launch to confirm.

Once cancelled, it moves back to the Ready to launch section.

Console statuses

The following Console statuses are encountered in the Launch phase:

Section Status Description Requirement What to do next
Ready to launch Ready This version of the integration is ready to go live immediately or be scheduled. Passed certification review. Launch or schedule a launch for this version of the integration.
Scheduled to launch [Scheduled date and time] This version of the integration has been scheduled to launch.

Passed certification review.

launch date/time were scheduled in the console.

Wait for the scheduled launch.


Reschedule the launch, if desired.

Launched Live This version of the integration is in production. Successful immediate or scheduled launch.

Roll back the integration to a previous version.


Launch the next version of the integration.


Request deletion from Google.