Action Required! Starting November 21st, 2022, Nest Hubs opted into the Preview Program are being updated to support Matter 1.0 in anticipation of Google's general availability (GA) of Matter. All Matter devices being used with the Preview Program will need to be updated. See the Release Notes for more details.

Administer the user survey and submit the results

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At the end of the Field Trial, you will send a survey to your field testers and collect the survey results.

You may use the Google Forms survey template as the basis for your survey. Adapt it to your needs, then send it to your field testers.

Your field testers fill out the survey, and the results are automatically saved in a Google Sheets spreadsheet that you can download.

Once you've collected all the survey results, remove any personally identifiable information (PII). When the Certify page of the Developer Console is available, you will then be able to submit the results to Google.