Action Required! Starting November 21st, 2022, Nest Hubs opted into the Preview Program are being updated to support Matter 1.0 in anticipation of Google's general availability (GA) of Matter. All Matter devices being used with the Preview Program will need to be updated. See the Release Notes for more details.


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Resources for development questions, reporting issues, and staying connected to the community can be found below.

Developer Communities

If you've got a question or hit a snag, our developer communities are the best places to get answers from other Matter developers:

  • Stack Overflow For help with general development questions - find answers from the Matter developer community under the google-smart-home tag.
  • Google Nest Community Join the Google Nest Community for information.

Report a bug or request new features

You can report issues or send us feedback through our Public issues tracker.

Before filing a new issue or feature request, please check to see if there is a preexisting open issue that applies.

Stay connected

Stay up-to-date on news, discussions, and community events.