IMPORTANT: You must be part of the Matter Private Beta Program to start developing Matter devices and apps in the Google Home Developer Console. Apply now

Develop for Matter

Google provides SDKs, tools, and sample apps for jump-starting your Matter journey.

These resources are designed to let the developer focus development efforts on building capabilities and features, while investing less effort in dealing with infrastructure.

Develop smart home hardware with Matter

The Google Home Device SDK provides APIs and tools that extend the open-source Matter SDK to build quickly and innovate with Google intelligence.

Google Home Extension for VS Code

The Google Home Extension for Visual Studio Code allows you to interact directly with Google Home's Cloud. For example, you can type a command, such as 'turn on my lightbulb', and the Assistant will process your request in the cloud and send the command to the device.

Use this extension during the development phase to:

  • Test both Matter and non-Matter devices that are integrated in Google Home.

  • Identify issues by viewing cloud logs in real time, observing all the communication flowing in both directions. Filter by severity and time range.

  • Inspect the JSON content of log messages.

  • Issue Assistant commands in scripted format to help you test faster in a repeatable way.

Google Home Test Suite

Use the Google Home Test Suite to test your smart home integration to ensure it meets launch requirements for Google’s smart home ecosystem. And, once the Matter specification is finalized later this year, the Test Suite will allow you to certify your integration with Matter.

Home Graph Viewer

Use this web app during the development phase to:

  • View contextual data stored in the Google Home Graph including devices on the fabric and their traits.

  • Debug smart home Actions.