Submit test results for certification

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Test results for a Matter integration version must be submitted to Google as part of the Works with Google Home (WWGH) Certification process. Test results must also be submitted before a Field Trial may begin.

When a test suite has completed running, you have the option to submit the results. Click Submit below the Logs section to submit.

Once submitted, you'll be returned to the Test page in the Google Home Developer Console . The integration version with the submitted test now appears in the Ready for Certification section.

List of integration versions ready for certification

Justification for failed tests

A test suite with failed tests may be submitted if a valid justification is provided.

For a failed test:

  1. Open the failed test by clicking on the icon.
  2. In the text box, enter a detailed justification for the test failure, and why the integration version should still be considered for certification, despite the failure.
  3. Click Post to save the justification.

Use the Edit justification button to edit the justification later as needed.