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Ways to build
Build the best Android Matter apps using Google's Play service APIs and Android developer tools.
Watch a brief overview of how the Google Home Mobile SDK lets you build Android Matter apps with great setup, device sharing, and control experiences.


Matter and Thread APIs built in Google Play services to quickly build Matter apps compatible with billions of Android devices.
Use our APIs to solve baseline connectivity to help you focus on innovation and differentiation in your apps.
Integrate with our APIs and use our developer tools for Android Studio to learn and debug with the Google Home.

Tools & APIs

Test drive the Device APIs and Structure APIs that will help you innovate and build differentiated experiences in the Google Home ecosystem.
Test your application and Google Home integration directly from your development environment.
Downloadable code that shows you how to use Matter APIs in your own Android application.
The fastest way to pair and share Matter devices with Android apps.
Contribute, join and use a shared, interoperable Thread mesh in the home using our easy-to-use Thread APIs.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, features, and requirements from Google Home