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Prepare to submit for certification

To submit a Matter integration for certification, you must include the following for review:

  • Test Results review — Validates Google Home Test Suite results and any additional materials that apply to the device certification.
  • Company profile review — Confirms the accuracy of the company information. You will not be able to apply for certification if you have not completed your company profile. Make sure you use the CSA vendor ID in the Matter integration. Complete the vendor ID verification form for us to verify.
  • Policy review — Verifies that your device complies to Google's policy guidelines.

Also do the following to pass certification review:

  • Upload the before and after product images before creating a version.
  • Field Trial needs to stop before submitting a version for certification. If Field Trial is needed, you will need to create another version with the Field Trial results.

Submit your integration for certification

Once all reviews are complete, you can submit your integration for certification.

Google Home Developer Console:

Go to the Developer Console

  1. Go to Matter > Certify.
  2. Integrations that are ready for submission appears in the Integrations for certification section.
    • If the status is Not Ready, click View issues to see the instructions on how to move forward.
  3. Click Submit once you're ready to submit your integration for certification.
  4. Make sure all sections of the Submit certification page are completed and all required information has been uploaded. Click Submit when ready.
  5. Your integration appears in the Submitted for Certification section.

Certification review takes one business week to process. Once your integration is certified, you can choose to launch your integration immediately or later.

If the review was rejected, see Check Certification Status for more information.

Withdraw submission

Any integration listed in the Submitted for Certification section can be cancelled.

  1. Select the integration version you would like to withdraw and click Withdraw.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click Withdraw to confirm.

After withdrawing, the withdrawn version is moved back to the Integrations for certification section and the status changes back to Ready.

Console statuses

The following Console statuses are encountered in the Certification phase:

Section Status Description Requirement What to do next
Integrations for certification Ready This version of the integration is ready to be submitted for certification review.

CSA-issued vendor ID is used (not Test VID).

Company profile has been submitted.

Submit this version of the integration for certification review.
Integrations for certification Not ready This version of the integration didn't meet criteria.

CSA-issued vendor ID is not used.

Company profile has not been submitted.

  1. View issues that are listed in the console.
  2. Fix issues or create a new version using a CSA-issued vendor ID and an approved Company Profile.
  3. Submit again for certification.
Submitted for certification In review This version of the integration is in certification review. Successful submission.

Wait for approval.


Withdraw the submission if desired.

Submitted for certification Approved The certification submission for this version of the integration was approved and can be launched.
  • Certification disclaimer was agreed to.
  • Company profile is approved and live.
  • Product ID (PID) ownership was verified.
Launch or schedule a launch for this version of the integration.
Submitted for certification Rejected This version of the integration didn't meet certification criteria and can't be resubmitted. Approval criteria weren't met.

View issues that are listed in the console.

Create a new version that meets the approval criteria and submit that version for certification.


Provide justification for failed certification tests, if applicable.