IMPORTANT: You must be part of the Matter Private Beta Program to start developing Matter devices and apps in the Google Home Developer Console. Apply now

Supported devices

Matter-compliant devices in the Google Home ecosystem can be controlled by a few different methods:

  1. Google Assistant — Use voice to control the Matter device from any Assistant device.
  2. Google Home app (GHA) — Use the UI of the GHA to control the Matter device.
  3. Smart Display UI — Use the UI of a Smart Display to control the Matter device.

For more information about clusters, refer to the Matter repo (connectedhomeip).

Table: Matter device type and control support
Legend: Available now, Coming soon
Matter Device Type Application Cluster(s) Control Support Home Ecosystem Type
Google Assistant Google Home app (GHA) Smart Display
Contact Sensor Boolean State Sensor
Dimmable Light Level Control Light
Door Lock Door Lock Lock
Extended Color Light Color Control (MoveToHueAndSaturation) Light
Fan Fan Control Fan
Flow Sensor Flow Measurement Sensor
Heating/Cooling Unit Fan Control
Air Conditioner
Humidity Sensor Relative Humidity Measurement Sensor
Illuminance Sensor Illuminance Measurement Sensor
On/Off Light On/Off Light
Occupancy Sensor Occupancy Sensing Sensor
Plug Level Control
Pressure Sensor Pressure Measurement Sensor
Speaker Level Control
Temperature Sensor Temperature Measurement Thermostat
Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat
Window Covering Window Covering Lift


All devices behind a Matter bridge appear as normal for a user in the Google Home ecosystem. The bridge itself appears as an inert device in the GHA.


The following Google Nest devices function as Matter hubs in the Google Home ecosystem.

Table: Google Nest devices with Matter hub support
Device Thread Border Router support Google Store
Google Home Mini
Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)
Google Nest Mini

Build a device

If you don't have a Matter-compliant device already built, you can use a vendor-supported example as a starting point. See the following vendor example guides to get started:

Table: Matter examples from silicon vendors
Vendor Platform Guides Thread Support
Bouffalo Lab BL602 Quick Start
Espressif ESP32 Quick Start
Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 DK Quick Start
NXP IOTZTB-DK006 development kit Quick Start
Realtek Ameba D Series Quick Start
Silicon Labs EFR32MG Zigbee and Thread Starter Kit Quick Start