Delete a launched Matter integration

Deleting a live Matter integration has a negative impact on users and should only be done in special circumstances, such as when a product is being discontinued.

A developer cannot directly delete a live integration themselves. A deletion must be requested and reviewed by Google before deletion occurs.

If you are trying to undo an accidental version launch, use the roll back feature instead.

Request a deletion

To request a deletion, you must contact our support team. Information regarding this request is found in the Google Home Developer Console.

Go to the Developer Console

  1. Go to Matter > Launch.
  2. The launched version of the integration should appear in the Launched section.
  3. Click the icon for the launched integration and select Request deletion from the dropdown.
  4. A dialog appears with information on how to request deletion.

Once requested, Google will review it and reach out to you as needed.

What happens when an integration is deleted?

After deletion, the integration will no longer be available to users in Google Home app (GHA). New users cannot connect to it.

Existing users of the integration will be able to continue using it as normal until they disconnect. Any data related to the integration will only be available to existing users.