Test a Matter OTA

Testing OTA updates for Google Home Matter integrations is done using the Google Home Developer Console.

Connectivity Standards Alliance (Alliance) certification is not currently a prerequisite for OTA testing.


For testing OTA, in addition to the OTA prerequisites, you need to have:

  • Access to a Linux system that has Docker Engine installed and access to the development board via USB
  • A Matter integration that is ready for OTA testing.

Use your Alliance-assigned Vendor ID when testing OTA, not a test VID. When building your OTA image, change the Vendor ID and Product ID to match the integration to be tested.

Vendor-specific instructions

We've provided Matter OTA testing procedures for specific SoCs.

Table: Instructions for specific silicon vendors for generating Matter test certificates
Vendor Platform Guide
Espressif ESP32 Test OTA on Espressif ESP32
Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 Test OTA on Nordic