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The smart home ecosystem that helps you build more intelligent, engaging, and helpful devices for millions of users.
What's new
We're excited to announce that Google Nest and Android users can now enjoy your Matter-enabled devices and apps! Plus, the Google Home app on Android can support setup and control with Google.
What's new
Calling all Matter developers! You're now able to learn, build, and test your Matter integration in one place. Check out the overview before getting started.

Ways to build

Enable users to control linked devices across the Google Home ecosystem: Nest devices, Google Assistant, Android, and the Google Home app.
Flexible connectivity options
Open industry standard to enable your devices to connect to Google and other Matter-compatible ecosystems locally.
Connect your cloud backend with the Smart Home API.
Enhance your smart home integration with Google Assistant by adding a local fulfillment path to route smart home intents
Do more with devices, apps, and Google Home
Build your Matter devices quickly and reliably with our developer tools for device makers.
Speed up your Android mobile app development with Google Play services APIs for Matter apps.
Allow users to easily discover and link to your Google integration in the Google Home app.
Integrate with Google Nest
Control Nest devices with your apps, services, and products.
Stream media
Turn your app into a remote control and stream audio/video to a Cast-enabled device.

Already integrated with Google Home?

Take your current integration to the next level.
Integrate your devices with Matter and connect your Matter devices with Google (supported device types only).
Use our analytics suite to monitor, diagnose, and improve quality metrics such as reliability, execution, and latency.
Enable quick, passwordless account linking.

Why build with Google Home

Join a vibrant ecosystem of partners that build, innovate, and grow their best experiences with Google.

With Google's end-to-end tools for building Matter devices and apps, your devices work with Google Home, and any Matter-enabled apps and ecosystems.
Total users
Developers building with Google Home
Total connected devices
Overall partner quality
Build devices and apps quickly with tools for each step of development, deployment, and analytics.
Innovate and extend the reach of your brand with APIs for Google Home, Android, and Nest.
Help users quickly discover your products and capabilities, and increase engagement.


Be inspired by top smart home brands who are delivering the best smart home experiences for their users on Google.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, features, and requirements from Google Home