Develop for Matter

Google provides SDKs, tools, and sample apps for jump-starting your Matter journey, whether you're building your own smart home hardware or integrating Matter functionality into your Android app.

These resources are designed to let the developer focus development efforts on building capabilities and features, while investing less effort in dealing with infrastructure.

Develop smart home hardware with Matter

The Google Home Device SDK provides APIs and tools that extend the open-source Matter SDK to build quickly and innovate with Google intelligence.

Matter Virtual Device

Develop phase

The Device SDK allows a developer to get started developing right away by experimenting with Matter devices in a virtual setting. Virtual Matter devices can be built using the SDK, commissioned onto a fabric and controlled in the same manner as physical devices, including fulfillment of Google Assistant commands.

Matter Virtual Device Development Environment

Develop phase

The Matter Virtual Device Development Environment (MVD-DE) is a pre-configured Docker container that includes the Virtual Device Controller (VDC) initiator app that may be used to control both virtual and physical Matter devices. It's a useful tool for trying out new ideas and testing devices during the development phase.

Google Home Extension for VS Code

Develop phase

The Google Home Extension for Visual Studio Code allows you to interact directly with the Google Home ecosystem. For example, you can type a command, such as 'turn on my lightbulb', and the Assistant will process your request in the cloud and send the command to the device.

Use this extension during the development phase to:

  • Test both Matter and non-Matter devices that are integrated in Google Home.

  • Identify issues by viewing cloud logs in real time, observing all the communication flowing in both directions. Filter by severity and time range.

  • Inspect the JSON content of log messages.

  • Issue Assistant commands in scripted format to help you test faster in a repeatable way.

Google Home Test Suite

Test phase

Use the Google Home Test Suite in the Google Home Developer Console to test your smart home integration and ensure it meets certification and launch requirements for the Google Home ecosystem.

Integrate Matter functionality into your Android app

Build the best Android Matter apps using Google Home Mobile SDK.

Google Play services Matter APIs

Develop phase

Google Play services offer Matter APIs for commissioning, device-sharing, and operational discovery.

Google Home Plugin for Android Studio

Develop phase

Google Home Plugin for Android Studio is an indispensable development tool that allows you to type commands for Assistant directly in the editor to observe interactions with your Matter applications and devices.

The IDE also allows you to review Cloud logs in real time, allowing you to debug your integrations efficiently.

Google Home sample app for Matter

Develop phase

The Google Home Sample App for Matter provides a concrete example of how to use the Play services APIs for Matter to build an app that that makes it easy to commission and share Matter devices across apps and ecosystems.