Supported Matter clusters

Clusters group specific functionality such as a on/off cluster on a smart plug, or a level control cluster on a dimmable light endpoint. The functionality comes from one or more traits that enable specific features on the device.

The clusters listed here are supported in the Google Home ecosystem, and if mappings are available, they map to Cloud-to-cloud traits. Some clusters map to different traits in our ecosystem depending on the Matter device type or enabled Matter feature.

For more information about clusters, refer to the Matter repo (connectedhomeip).

Cluster ID Application Cluster(s) Cloud-to-cloud Traits
0x0045 Boolean State OpenClose for Contact Sensor device types
0x0300 Color Control ColorSetting
0x0101 Door Lock LockUnlock
0x0202 Fan Control FanSpeed
0x0404 Flow Measurement SensorState
0x0400 Illuminance Measurement SensorState
0x0008 Level Control Brightness
Volume for Speaker device types
0x0406 Occupancy Sensing OccupancySensing
0x0006 On/Off OnOff
OpenClose for Contact Sensor device types
Volume for Speaker device types
0x002f Power Source EnergyStorage when the Battery feature is enabled
0x0403 Pressure Measurement SensorState
0x0402 Temperature Measurement TemperatureSetting
0x0201 Thermostat OccupancySensing when the Occupancy feature is enabled
0x0204 Thermostat User Interface Configuration TemperatureSetting
0x0102 Window Covering OpenClose when the Lift feature is enabled
Rotation when the Tilt feature is enabled