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Ways to build
Build your Matter devices quickly and reliably with our developer tools for device makers.
Learn how to build Matter devices easily and with high quality with the Google Home SDK and tools to integrate with Google.


APIs and tools that extend the open-source Matter SDK to build fast and innovate with Google intelligence.
Accelerate time-to-market for your devices, improve reliability and differentiate with Google Home while having interoperability with other Matter platforms.
Build with our Google Home Extension for VS Code, Matter Virtual Device and test tools like the Google Home Playground to validate your integration.

Tools & APIs

Get access to Google Assistant Simulator, Cloud Logging, and other tools to simplify your smart home development process.
Simulate a smart home project by simulating a virtual home with configurable device types and traits.
Use this web app to see contextual data stored in Home Graph to help you debug smart home Actions. Service Account Key is not required for access.
Automate the Google Home app to monitor devices and provide feedback when devices go offline.
Set up a Matter development environment and run virtual Matter devices without the need for additional hardware. Use it with the Chef tool to build virtual examples on the fly.
A lightweight standalone Linux desktop tool that simulates different types of virtual Matter devices and provides a graphical user interface to control and display states.
Use Google Home app on Android to pair your Matter test device and Google device.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, features, and requirements from Google Home