Matter development checklist


Tools to help you start building

1. Build a Matter-enabled device.

2. Register with the Alliance to get your own unique Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID). If you don't have your own VID or PID, choose one that is allocated for testing purposes. To use a production VID for an integration, the production VID must be verified and added to the allow list.

Android SDKs for pairing and control

3. Connect your device and enable setup in your app, Android app, or Google Home app (GHA).

Test & Field Trial

4. Test your Matter integrations before you submit for Certification.

5. Perform a Field Trial, if required, before you submit for Certification.


6. Prepare an OTA image.

7. Test and validate OTA

Certify & Launch

8. Review the Certification Requirements before you submit for Certification.

9. Launch your certified integration.