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Google Cloud Platform Analytics for Matter

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides the tools to monitor your Matter project's reliability via monitoring metrics and error logs. You can access Matter Analytics using either of the following methods:

Go to the Developer Console

  1. Click the Analytics link from the Google Home Developer Console.
  2. Click your Matter project's View link in the Analytics column on the Manage projects page.

If a failure happens when fulfilling user intents, the Matter Analytics pipeline will record that failure on your metrics, and publish an error in your project logs.

There are two steps in troubleshooting your project's errors:

  1. Monitor the state of your project with Matter metrics.
  2. Investigate the issue by checking the detailed error description in the error log.

Monitoring errors

You can access your project metrics in the Dashboards section of Google Cloud Platform Console, by going to Operations > Monitoring > Dashboards. Visit View Google Cloud dashboards for more information. We have created pre-defined dashboards for Matter projects which are available to your Matter projects out of the box. For more information on Monitoring your Matter integration, see Monitoring and logging.

Go to Monitoring


The Matter Dashboard shows execution logs and execution success/failure metrics.

Searching Logs

Once you get comfortable monitoring your Matter integration using metrics, the next step is to troubleshoot specific errors using logs. An error log is a JSON-like entry with fields containing useful information like time, error code, and details regarding to the originating Matter intent.

You can access your project logs in the Logs Explorer section of GCP Console, by going to Operations > Logging > Logs Explorer.

Go to Logs Explorer

You need to write queries to filter your logs and find the ones you need. Visit the Query Library to find more examples for querying logs effectively.

Smart Home Analytics

For information on monitoring your smart home integration, see Cloud Analytics.