Intelligence Clusters

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Intelligence Clusters make Google’s whole-home context available locally, as an extension of the Matter data and interaction model, enabling developers to build more intelligent, innovative experiences through your devices, using a familiar interface.

Importance of home context

The smart home becomes more helpful through intelligence. One of the key building blocks to intelligence is context about what’s happening in the home and what users want to happen as well.

Today, Google’s whole-home intelligence generates the context which enables Home and Away routines. Millions of our users have adopted Home and Away, to automate their homes to intelligently respond to presence.

We want to empower developers to build innovative new use cases on top of these helpful context signals and will be making them available over Matter, starting with Home and Away with more added in the future.

Our family of context signals is called Intelligence Clusters and will be a part of the Google Home Device SDK.

Google Home and Away

Matter and the Google Home Device SDK

To accelerate your development with Google’s whole-home intelligence, we are providing a device SDK that abstracts away the complexity of dealing with low level connectivity and permissioning, so that you can start building quickly.

Your device must be approved to interact with the home/away signal by using the Device SDK and Google Home Developer Console to certify your device. During user operation, a user must consent to providing home/away access to your device.

Once approved, your device will be registered using a Google Matter hub (such as a Nest display, speaker or Nest Wifi) to Google’s intelligence cluster endpoint. The hub authenticates and notifies your device whenever the home/away stage changes.

Intelligence clusters interaction

User privacy and security is paramount. Intelligence Clusters use the Matter protocol to ensure transactions are always encrypted, sent locally, and only with user consent and visibility.

Requirements and how to sign up

Intelligence Clusters will be available soon in our Early Access Partner (EAP) program and will launch publicly for eligible developers later this year. To join the Intelligence Clusters EAP program, an applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

Apply for the Intelligence Clusters EAP