Create an Actions project

We recommend implementing an OAuth 2.0 server prior to creating an Actions project.

Create the project

To create Actions on Google developer project, follow these steps.

Go to the Actions on Google console

  1. Click New project.
  2. Enter a name for your project and click Create Project.

    Project name entry

  3. Once your project is created, click Smart Home.

    Smart Home card

  4. Click Start building.

  5. Under Quick Setup, click Name your Smart Home action. Enter the name for your Action and click Save. This is the name of the smart home Action that you can connect to from the Google Home app (GHA).

  6. Click Actions in the left menu.

  7. In the Fulfillment URL field, enter a URL for the backend server that will provide fulfillment for the smart home intents and then click Save.

    To learn more about how fulfillment works, see fulfillment and authentication.

  8. In the upper menu, click Test. In the Simulator page, click Start Testing to finish your project setup.

    Simulator start

    To learn more about testing, see Test and share smart home Actions.

You have successfully created a smart home Actions project and provided a fulfillment URL. You can now add authentication to your project by using account linking.

Configure account linking in the console

To set up account linking in the Actions on Google Console, follow these steps.

Go to the Actions on Google console

  1. Select your smart home Action project.
  2. Click the Develop tab. Then, click Account linking in the left navigation.

    Account linking tab in the Actions console

  3. Fill out all the fields under OAuth Client information. Click Next.

  4. Click Save.