Welcome to the Google Home Developer Center, the new destination for learning how to develop smart home actions. Note: You'll continue building actions in the Actions console.


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Resources for development questions, reporting issues, and staying connected to the community can be found below.

Developer Communities

If you've got a question or hit a snag, our developer communities are the best places to get answers from other Smart Home developers:

  • Stack Overflow For help with general development questions - find answers from the smart home developer community under the google-smart-home tag.
  • Smart Home Developer Forum Discuss, collaborate, and ask questions about our Smart Home integrations.

Report a bug or request new features

You can report issues or send us feedback through our public issues tracker.

Before filing a new issue or feature request, please check to see if there is a preexisting open issue that applies.

If you don't see your issue already listed, please use the appropriate template to report the issue or send us feedback:

Do you have review status questions?

If your smart home Action has been submitted and in review for more than a month without communication from us, please reach out so that we can help get you unstuck.

Stay connected

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