Home Mobile SDK for Android

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To help you build Android applications that interact with Matter devices, Google has developed the Google Home Mobile SDK . The Mobile SDK includes two core APIs that allow your apps to to commission and share devices with the Google fabric.

Once a device is added to the Google fabric, your users can control their devices through the Google Home app (GHA) , Android power controls, voice, and Nest touch screen devices.

The Mobile SDK also allows you to define a custom commissioning service that you can use to commission devices to additional Matter ecosystems.

Integrate the Mobile SDK into your Android app

To get started, complete the following steps:

  1. Follow the instructions provided at Set up Google Play services .

  2. Add the Play services dependency to your build.gradle file:

    implementation 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-home:16.0.0-beta1'

Use the Google Home Sample App for Matter

To learn how the Mobile SDK works from an Android app, try our Google Home Sample App for Matter .

Try the Sample App for Matter

Build your own app

To help you get started fast, we've open-sourced the Sample App for Matter and provided a companion codelab, allowing you to customize our sample code for your own Android projects.

Go to the Sample App for Matter codelab


To learn more about the Mobile SDK, refer to the API Reference.

To learn how this SDK handles end-user data, refer to the Home Mobile SDK Google Play Data Safety Section