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Ways to build
Let users control your cloud connected devices through the Google Home app and Google Assistant. Add a local control path for greater reliability.

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Essential resources to kick off your project, including timelines and checklists.
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The Google smart home only supports OAuth with an authorization code flow.
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Create a developer project and use one of our samples to quickly get started.
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Process the smart home intents and return responses that Google Assistant recognizes.
Get started
An overview of the process for launching a smart home Action.


Cloud is our most flexible integration, supporting more than 80 device types, including those devices not currently supported by Matter.
Cloud-to-cloud enables control at home and remotely, even for new smart home users without a Matter controller like a Nest speaker, display or Wi-Fi.
For developers building Matter devices, cloud-to-cloud can serve as a seamless fallback for users with or without a local controller.
Illustration showing a Cloud-to-cloud Google Assistant request execution
Millions of users turn to Google Assistant every day for help. Learn how your apps & content can help them get things done.
Implement features that make it simple for users to set up and connect your smart devices to Assistant.
Devices labeled with the 'Works with Hey Google' badge, should provide robust functionality and a safe, reliable, and seamless experience for users.
Help users discover that your devices work with Google, and enable easier account linking.
Allow users to easily discover your Google integration in the Google Home app.
Enable quick, passwordless account linking.
Illustration showing the Building with Google Home certification process.

Developer tools

Test your smart home integration to ensure it meets launch requirements for Google’s smart home ecosystem.
Get access to Google Assistant Simulator, Cloud Logging, and other tools to simplify your smart home development process.
Simulate a smart home project by simulating a virtual home with configurable device types and traits.


Learn how to stream from a webcam to a Google Nest display device with the CameraStream trait and WebRTC.
Request the list of smart home devices that the user has connected and are available for use.
Learn how to proactively report the latest status of the user's device back to Google's Home Graph.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, features, and requirements from Google Home