What is Matter?

Matter is an open standard for smart home technology that lets your device work with any Matter-certified ecosystem using a single protocol. Matter comes from the Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization of hundreds of companies creating products for the smart home.

Like Google’s Local Home SDK, Matter adds a local fulfillment path to your device integration. However, you do not need to write a local fulfillment app for Matter, because nearly every Google Nest speaker, hub, and Wi-Fi system will natively support your Matter devices for local connectivity and control. So you only need to ensure that your device is Matter certified to know that it will work with any Matter-enabled app, ecosystem, or other Matter controller.

Why build with Matter?

Reasons to build with Matter include:

  • Lower latency and higher reliability than Cloud-to-cloud connection, because Matter is an IP-based local connectivity protocol.
  • Lower development costs: build once and it works for all Matter-certified ecosystems.
  • Consistent setup experience across all Matter-enabled devices.
  • If you have an existing cloud-connected or local-home integration, Google can help you upgrade your device by adding a Matter local-fulfillment path to it.
  • Fast and easy development with the Google Home Device SDK and Google Home Mobile SDK, enabling users to link their smart home devices to your app during or after setup, with a few simple taps—no need to link accounts.

What are the considerations when building with Matter?

Matter is not yet supported for all device types, though the list is growing. Your device must be able to handle the memory and processing requirements, and use a supported network layer technology like Wi-Fi or Thread. Check with your preferred silicon provider on their Matter support and minimum hardware requirements.

Why should I build Matter with Google?

Google believes in open and interoperable ecosystems, and provides the tools to innovate and build quickly on our platform to reach billions of users. Our tools, like our Device and Mobile SDKs built with Matter support, help you rapidly roll out core user journeys (such as device setup), put your branding front and center, and give you ways to build new experiences with Google’s intelligence, such as integrating home/away into your device experience.

The best part is that your device doesn't just work with Google. Matter enables users to set up your device with their favorite platforms and ecosystems without changing hardware or software.

What is the effort level required to build a Matter device?

To build Matter devices, your device needs a compatible radio (for example, BLE/Wi-Fi or BLE/Thread combo radios) and needs to meet the minimum hardware requirements to run a compliant Matter software library, like this open-source reference implementation.

Your mobile app will also need changes to support the pairing and interaction models of the protocol.

Because you may need to select a new chipset for your device, development effort may be significant, depending on the differences in radio compatibility and software requirements.

How do I get started?

You’ll find all the technical documentation you need to start building right on this site.