Intent-based Commissioning for Matter

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While the Matter SDK provides a Task-based API to start Matter commissioning with varying parameters, observing the result, and optionally adding credentials, there are situations where an entry point of only a QR code is needed. For example, from a generalized camera application that wishes to provide a shortcut to start commissioning when a QR code is seen in the viewfinder.

Before continuing, make sure all Prerequisites have been met.

Matter QR codes

Matter QR codes take the general form of MT:Y3.13OTB00KA0648G00, where the MT: prefix is a constant, and the suffix is a base 38-encoded string using the alphabet [A-Z0-9.-]. The suffix must always be at least 19 characters, but may be longer as well.

Determining whether a QR code represents a Matter QR code can be done with the following regex in Java:

fun isMatterQrCode(value: String): Boolean {
  return value.matches(Regex("""MT:[A-Z0-9.-]{19,}"""))

For example, the following QR code represents MT:Y3.13OTB00KA0648G00:

Matter QR code example

Intent Format

This QR code format may be used as a URI to start the commissioning flow by sending an Intent with ACTION_VIEW, the URI specified in the data, and the target package set to Google Play Services:

fun startCommissioning(context: Context, qrCodeString: String): Boolean {
  val intent =

  try {
    return true
  } catch (ex: ActivityNotFoundException) {
    // Supporting Play Services version not available.
    return false

Sample app

This sample app shows how to start commissioning a Matter device when a Matter-compliant QR code is seen in the viewfinder of the camera.

Download the Intent-based Commissioning sample app

The code in this sample app leverages the following Android libraries:

The following documents are also useful to understand the code written for this sample app:


When the app starts, the camera preview is shown on the screen. When a QR code for a Matter device is detected, a dialog is shown to confirm whether commissioning for that Matter device should be performed:

camera preview 1 camera preview 2

If commissioning is confirmed, then the commissioning flow supported by the Google Home Mobile SDK is initiated:

commissioning 1 commissioning 2