Home Mobile SDK Commissioning

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This page covers usage of select commissioning API features in the Google Home Mobile SDK.

Suppress commissionable discovery notifications

Android Halfsheet Notification
Figure 1: Example of an Android halfsheet notification

By default, Google Play services on Android uses "halfsheet" notifications that covers the bottom half of a mobile device's screen to provide users with a proactive indication that commissionable Matter devices are nearby.

To suppress these notifications to prevent interruptions while your app is in the foreground, call the suppressHalfSheetNotification() method in the Mobile SDK. See the API documentation for more information.

The suppression enabled by this API times out if your app is in the foreground for more than 15 minutes. To re-enable suppression after a timeout, call suppressHalfSheetNotification() again, otherwise halfsheet notifications will start to appear.

An implementation of this API can be found in the Google Home Sample App for Matter. See GitHub for more information.