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Data payload returned with an mDNS scan result. For mDNS discovery, the scan data contains fields from the SRV and TXT records advertised by the local device via DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD).

const identifyHandler = (request: IntentFlow.IdentifyRequest):
  Promise<IntentFlow.IdentifyResponse> => {

    // Obtain scan data from protocol defined in your scan config
    const device = request.inputs[0].payload.device;
    const scanData = device.mdnsScanData;

    // TXT key/value pairs for this device
    // Extract application-specific parameters
    const localDeviceId = scanData.txt.myParameter;




data: string[]

Raw additional TXT data advertised by the service.


name: string

Instance name of the service.


protocol: string

Protocol used by the service. Typically either tcp or udp.


serviceName: string

Fully qualified name of the discovered service.


txt: {}

Key/value pairs advertised in the TXT data of the service.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string


type: string

Type of the service.