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Smart Home Brightness Trait Schema

action.devices.traits.Brightness - This trait covers how to control the brightness of a device.


Devices with this trait may report the following attributes as part of the SYNC operation. To learn more about handling SYNC intents, see Intent fulfillment.

Attributes Type Description
commandOnlyBrightness Boolean

(Default: false)

Indicates if the device supports using one-way (true) or two-way (false) communication. Set this attribute to true if the device cannot respond to a QUERY intent or Report State for this trait.


Device that supports for brightness commands, states query and reporting.


Device that only support for brightness commands.

  "commandOnlyBrightness": true


Entities with this trait may report the following states as part of the QUERY operation. To learn more about handling QUERY intents, see Intent fulfillment.

States Type Description
brightness Integer

Current brightness level of the device.


What is the brightness level of my light?

  "brightness": 65


Devices with this trait may respond to the following commands as part of the EXECUTE operation. To learn more about handling EXECUTE intents, see Intent fulfillment.


Adjust device absolute brightness.


Parameters Type Description
brightness Integer


New absolute brightness percentage.


Adjust my light to 65% brightness.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.BrightnessAbsolute",
  "params": {
    "brightness": 65


Adjust device relative brightness.

This command requires the following attributes:
  "commandOnlyBrightness": true


The payload contains one of the following:

Percentage relative adjustment.

Parameters Type Description
brightnessRelativePercent Integer


The exact percentage of brightness to change.

Weight relative adjustment.

Parameters Type Description
brightnessRelativeWeight Integer


This indicates the ambiguous amount of the brightness change. From small amount to large amount, this param will be scaled to integer 0 to 5, with the sign to indicate direction.


Brighten my light by 20%.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.BrightnessRelative",
  "params": {
    "brightnessRelativePercent": 20

Dim my light a little.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.BrightnessRelative",
  "params": {
    "brightnessRelativeWeight": -1

Sample utterances


  • Bitte mach das Licht ein bisschen dunkler
  • Bitte stell das Flurlicht auf ein Drittel
  • Die Küche ein wenig heller stellen
  • Erhöhe die Helligkeit
  • Erhöhe die Helligkeit um 20%
  • Helligkeit der Leselampe auf 5 %
  • Helligkeit im Wohnzimmer auf 10% stellen
  • Mach das Licht bitte 20 % dunkler
  • Mach das Licht bitte 20 % heller
  • Mach das Licht sehr hell
  • Mach das Schlafzimmer ein bisschen dunkler
  • Mach das Wohnzimmer dunkler
  • Stell das Licht auf 50 % ein.
  • Stelle das Licht bitte auf maximale Helligkeit
  • Stelle die Beleuchtung heller
  • Verringere die Helligkeit der Beleuchtung
  • Verringere die Helligkeit in der Küche um 20%
  • Wie hell ist das Badlicht ?


  • brighten light at 10%
  • brighten lights by 20%
  • brighten the kitchen slightly
  • brighten the kitchen to 50
  • brighten the lights up
  • dim down the lights
  • dim lights a little more
  • dim lights by 20%
  • how bright are my lights
  • increase brightness in living room by 100%
  • make it darker in the living room
  • make the bedroom brighter
  • make the lights a little bit brighter
  • make the living room a little bit dimmer
  • reduce brightness in the living room by 50%
  • set the light to maximum
  • turn brightness on light to maximum


  • pon las luces a la mitad


  • Mets la lumière sur 20 % .
  • Règle la luminosité du salon au maximum .
  • allume la lampe à 20 % de luminosité
  • allume la lumière du salon au maximum
  • assombris la cuisine de 20 %
  • augmente l'éclairage de 20 %
  • augmente l'éclairage de la cuisine
  • augmente la luminosité de 10 % dans le salon
  • augmente la luminosité de la chambre
  • augmente un peu l'éclairage
  • augmente un peu la luminosité de la chambre
  • baisse les lumières
  • baisse les lumières de 20 %
  • baisse un peu la lumière du salon
  • luminosité de la chambre à 20 %
  • moins de luminosité dans le salon
  • quelle est l'intensité de la lumière


  • 20% अँधेरा हॉल में
  • 65% किचन में अँधेरा कर दो
  • अभी लाइट कितनी तेज़ है
  • किचन की रोशनी थोड़ी कम करिए
  • किचन की रोशनी बढ़ाना
  • किचन में 20% उजाला बढ़ा दो
  • बाथरूम में उजाला घटा दो
  • बाथरूम में थोड़ा अँधेरा कर दोगे
  • बेडरूम को प्रकाशमान करो
  • बेडरूम में खूब रोशनी करिए
  • मुझे स्टडी लैंप की ब्राइटनेस इसकी आधी चाहिए
  • रोशनी मिनिमम पर सेट कर दो
  • रोशनी घटाओ 20% किचन की
  • रोशनी बढ़ाना हल्की सी
  • लाइट 20% कम कर दो
  • लाइट 20% पर कर दो
  • लाइट को 5% ब्राइट करो
  • लाइट डिम करो


  • Alza del 30% le luci per favore
  • abbassa le luci del 30%
  • fai più buio in cucina
  • illumina 50% cucina
  • illumina il salotto un po'
  • illumina la cucina a 50
  • imposta la luminosità delle luci al 20%
  • imposta le luci sul minimo
  • metti la luce più forte
  • metti le luci al 40%
  • metti le luci alla luminosità minima
  • oscura leggermente il salotto
  • puoi abbassare un po' la luce
  • qual è la luminosità in bagno ?
  • rischiara il salotto
  • scurisci il bagno del 20%
  • voglio abbassare le luci


  • キッチン の明るさを 50% に上げて
  • キッチン の明るさを もう少し 落として下さい
  • キッチン もう少し 明るくして
  • キッチン を明るくして
  • デスクの照明 最大限 にして
  • ライト の明るさを 少し 上げて
  • 台所 20% 明るくしてほしい
  • 子供部屋 を暗くして下さい
  • 寝室の照明 の明るさをあげて
  • 寝室 10% 暗くしてください
  • 照明 の明るさは今どれくらい
  • 照明 の明るさを下げて
  • 照明 の明るさを 5% 下げて
  • 照明 20% 明るくしてください
  • 照明 50% まで明るくして
  • 照明 少し 暗くして下さい


  • 거실 조금만 더 어둡게 해 줘
  • 공부방 밝기 40% 로 설정 해 줘
  • 밝기가 몇이야
  • 욕실 더 밝게 해
  • 조명 5% 더 올려 줘
  • 조명 낮춰 줘
  • 조명 더 밝게 켜 줘
  • 조명 밝기 30% 로 바꿔 줘
  • 조명 조금만 더 밝게
  • 조명 최대 로 설정
  • 조명 10% 로 해줘
  • 조명 최대 밝기로 설정해볼래
  • 주방 을 좀 어둡게 해줘
  • 침실 등 밝기를 약간 더 낮춰줘
  • 침실 밝기를 20% 줄여 줘
  • 침실 밝기를 조금만 더 높여봐
  • 침실 20프로 더 밝게 해줘
  • 현관 조명 10% 낮춰줘


  • dim de lampen
  • dim de lampen een beetje
  • hoe helder is de verlichting ?
  • laat de lampen branden op 30%
  • laat de lampen zo fel mogelijk branden
  • maak de keuken wat helderder
  • maak de slaapkamer lichter
  • maak de woonkamer 10% lichter
  • maak het licht feller
  • maak het licht wat feller
  • stel de lamp in op het minimum
  • verlicht de woonkamer met 10%


  • Aumentar a luz do quarto em 10% .
  • abaixe um pouco a luz
  • ajustar luz do quarto em 20%
  • alterar luminosidade do quarto para o máximo
  • aumentar um pouco a luz do quarto
  • clarear a cozinha nos 20%
  • clarear a sala em 10%
  • colocar a luz de leitura no máximo
  • colocar a luz em 10%
  • deixar a sala mais clara
  • deixe as luzes mais brilhantes
  • diminua a claridade da sala
  • diminuir a luz em 10%
  • escurecer um pouco a cozinha
  • ilumina um pouco a sala de estar
  • mostrar o nível de brilho da luz da cozinha
  • quero a sala 25% mais escura
  • reduzir a luz do quarto


  • dimma 20% i köket
  • dimma ljuset med 20%
  • dimma ned ljuset i hallen
  • dimma ner sovrummet till 10 %
  • gör det ljusare i hallen
  • gör det mycket mörkare i köket
  • gör det mörkare i badrummet
  • gör köket mycket ljusare
  • hur ljust lyser lampan i köket ?
  • höj ljuset på lampan
  • höj ljuset på lamporna lite
  • höj ljuset på lamporna med 20 %
  • justera ljuset på lampan till 10 %
  • justera ljusstyrkan på lampan halvvägs
  • sänk ljuset på lamporna lite
  • sätt ljuset minsta värdet


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