CommissioningClient Performs commissioning of Matter devices (both initial out of box commissioning, as well as multi-administrator commissioning flows). 
CommissioningRequest.Builder Builder for constructing a CommissioningRequest instance. 
CommissioningService Service implementation for Matter commissioning which facilitates communication between your application and Google Play Services. 
CommissioningService.Callback Callback interface to be notified of requests coming from Google Play Services to your application. 
ShareDeviceRequest.Builder Builder class to generate ShareDeviceRequest instances. 


CommissioningCompleteMetadata Metadata to be returned after successfully commissioning a device. 
CommissioningCompleteMetadata.Builder Builder class to generate CommissioningCompleteMetadata instances. 
CommissioningRequest Request to commission a device, either for an uncommissioned device, or a device which has been opened for multi-administrator commissioning. 
CommissioningRequestMetadata Metadata providing information necessary to complete commissioning of a Matter device through a CommissioningService
CommissioningRequestMetadata.Builder Builder class to generate CommissioningRequestMetadata instances. 
CommissioningResult Response after commissioning a device, indicating the details of the commissioned device. 
CommissioningResult.Builder Builder class to create instances of CommissioningResult
CommissioningService.Builder A builder to create an implementation of CommissioningService
CommissioningWindow Representation of a commissioning window which has been opened for a device. 
CommissioningWindow.Builder Builder class to generate CommissioningWindow instances. 
DeviceInfo Encapsulating information about an individual Matter device. 
DeviceInfo.Builder Builder for constructing DeviceInfo instances. 
Room This class is deprecated. rooms are no longer used in the commissioning flow  
SharedDeviceData Class which provides a type-safe interpretation of the Intent that will be delivered when an application is selected from the share-sheet shown via CommissioningClient.shareDevice(ShareDeviceRequest)
SharedDeviceData.Builder A builder for SharedDeviceData instances. 
ShareDeviceRequest Request to share a device which has a commissioning window opened for multi-administrator commissioning. 


SharedDeviceData.InvalidSharedDeviceDataException Exception thrown when parsing an Intent to retrieved a SharedDeviceData, if the given Intent is missing required data or is malformed.