Smart Home StartStop Trait Schema

action.devices.traits.StartStop - This trait belongs to devices that support starting and stopping operations.

Starting and stopping a device serves a similar function to turning it on and off. Devices that inherit this trait function differently when turned on and when started. Certain washing machines, for instance, are able to be turned on and have their settings modified before actually starting operation.

Unlike devices that simply have an on and off state, some devices that can start and stop are also able to pause while performing an operation. Devices that can pause will cease operation, but upon resume will continue in the same state as when they were paused. Unpausing differs from starting/restarting as regardless of the current state of the device, this will begin operation from the beginning.

Some devices may support running in certain zones. For example, a sprinkler may have various watering zones and support the ability to water particular zones separately, while a vacuum may support cleaning specific rooms.


Devices with this trait may report the following attributes as part of the SYNC operation. To learn more about handling SYNC intents, see Intent fulfillment.

Attributes Type Description
pausable Boolean

(Default: false)

Indicates whether the device can be paused during operation.

availableZones Array

Indicates supported zone names. Strings should be localized as set by the user. This list is not exclusive; users can report any names they want.

[item, ...] String

Name of a zone where starting device is supported.


Device that can be paused and supports operating in multiple zones.

  "pausable": true,
  "availableZones": [
    "Living room",


Entities with this trait may report the following states as part of the QUERY operation. To learn more about handling QUERY intents, see Intent fulfillment.

States Type Description
isRunning Boolean


Indicates if the device is currently in operation.

isPaused Boolean

Indicates if the device is explicitly paused. If this value is true, it implies isRunning is false but can be resumed.

activeZones Array

Indicates zones in which the device is currently running, from list of availableZones.

[item, ...] String

The zone name.


Is the device paused?

  "isRunning": false,
  "isPaused": true

Is the device paused?

  "isRunning": true,
  "isPaused": false

Is the device running?

  "isRunning": true,
  "isPaused": false,
  "activeZones": [
    "Living room"


Devices with this trait may respond to the following commands as part of the EXECUTE operation. To learn more about handling EXECUTE intents, see Intent fulfillment.


Start or stop the device.


Parameters Type Description
start Boolean


True to start device operation, false to stop.

zone String

Indicates zone in which to start running.

multipleZones Array

Indicates two or more zones in which to start running. Will be set instead of zone parameter.

[item, ...] String

Name of a zone to start device in.


Start the device.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.StartStop",
  "params": {
    "start": true

Stop the device.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.StartStop",
  "params": {
    "start": false

Start the device in the office.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.StartStop",
  "params": {
    "start": true,
    "zone": "office"

Start device in the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.StartStop",
  "params": {
    "start": true,
    "multipleZones": [
      "Dining room",
      "Living room"


Pause or unpause device operation.

This command requires the following attributes:
  "pausable": true


Parameters Type Description
pause Boolean


True to pause, false to unpause.


Pause the device.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.PauseUnpause",
  "params": {
    "pause": true

The user tried to pause a device, but the device is in some state where it cannot be paused.

Supported values:


Sample utterances


  • Bitte starte den Staubsauger im Wohnzimmer .
  • Geschirrspüler wieder anstellen
  • Staubsauger abschalten
  • Staubsauger pausieren
  • bitte starte die Waschmaschine
  • ist die Waschmaschine fertig


  • I need my roomba to start running in the den
  • is the vacuum running
  • pause the dryer now
  • start the dryer now
  • stop the dishwasher
  • unpause the dishwasher


  • dime si ha acabado el lavavajillas
  • parar la lavadora
  • pon el lavavajillas en pausa
  • quiero usar el friegaplatos
  • vuelve a encender la aspiradora


  • Allumer l'aspirateur dans le salon .
  • Continuer l'aspirateur .
  • arrête l'aspirateur
  • est-ce que l'aspirateur est en marche
  • lance la machine à laver
  • mets l'aspirateur en pause


  • कमरे में वैक्यूम चलाओगी
  • क्या वैक्यूम चल रहा है?
  • डिशवॉशर को कुछ देर रोको
  • वैक्यूम को अनपॉज़ करो
  • वैक्यूम को चालू कर दो
  • वैक्यूम को बंद कर दो


  • Mi accendi l'aspirapolvere in cucina ?
  • fa' partire aspirapolvere
  • fai ripartire l'aspirapolvere
  • la lavatrice è in funzione
  • metti in pausa l'aspirapolvere
  • stoppa l'aspirapolvere


  • お掃除ロボット リビング で動かして
  • 台所の食洗機 を一時停止してください
  • 掃除機 は作動してる
  • 掃除機 を停止して
  • 掃除機 を再開してください
  • 洗濯機 をスタートさせて


  • 거실 에서 청소기 돌려
  • 건조기 돌아가고 있나
  • 세탁기 좀 돌려 줘
  • 식기 세척기 다시 시작해
  • 청소기 일시 정지
  • 청소기 작동 멈춰 줘


  • De schoonmaakrobot inschakelen in de keuken .
  • Is de stofzuiger klaar
  • hervat de stofzuiger
  • pauzeer de stofzuiger
  • start mijn stofzuiger
  • stop de stofzuiger


  • Inicia o aspersor no jardim
  • Iniciar o aspirador de pó na sala .
  • iniciar a máquina de lavar
  • o aspirador está parado?
  • parar a pausa na máquina de lavar roupa
  • parar o aspirador de pó
  • pausar o aspirador de pó


  • Kör igång sprinklern gräsmattan .
  • har dammsugaren i vardagsrummet startat?
  • kör igång dammsugaren igen
  • pausa dammsugaren
  • starta tvättmaskinen
  • stoppa dammsugaren


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