Options for DeviceManager.send API. Use send(command, {commandTimeout: 1000}); to wait for the platform to respond with success or timeout after 1000ms. Use send(command, {retries: 2, delayInMilliseconds: 20}); to retry a command 2 times with 20ms delay between each retry.



Optional commandTimeout

commandTimeout: undefined | number

Waits for command response for upto commandTimeout ms but no less than 1000ms. Usage outside execute handler is not recommended. In addition, it should be used only when platform provided timeouts are not enough.

Optional delayInMilliseconds

delayInMilliseconds: undefined | number

Delay in ms between each retry. Default is no-delay between commands.

Optional retries

retries: undefined | number

Retries the command upto retries times upto 3 times. commandTimeout applies to each command. Each retry will also get the timeout.