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Smart Home OnOff Trait Schema

action.devices.traits.OnOff - The basic on and off functionality for any device that has binary on and off, including plugs and switches as well as many future devices.


Devices with this trait may report the following attributes as part of the SYNC operation. To learn more about handling SYNC intents, see Intent fulfillment.

Attributes Type Description
commandOnlyOnOff Boolean

(Default: false)

Indicates if the device can only controlled through commands, and cannot be queried for state information.

queryOnlyOnOff Boolean

(Default: false)

Indicates if the device can only be queried for state information, and cannot be controlled through commands.


Device that supports on/off command and reporting states.

  "commandOnlyOnOff": false,
  "queryOnlyOnOff": false

Device that only supports on/off commands.

  "commandOnlyOnOff": true,
  "queryOnlyOnOff": false

Device (typically sensor) that only supports reporting on/off state.

  "queryOnlyOnOff": true,
  "commandOnlyOnOff": false


Entities with this trait may report the following states as part of the QUERY operation. To learn more about handling QUERY intents, see Intent fulfillment.

States Type Description
on Boolean

Whether a device with an on/off switch is on or off.


Is the device on?

  "on": true

Is the device off?

  "on": false


Devices with this trait may respond to the following commands as part of the EXECUTE operation. To learn more about handling EXECUTE intents, see Intent fulfillment.


Turn the device on or off.


Parameters Type Description
on Boolean


Whether to turn the device on or off.


Turn the device on.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.OnOff",
  "params": {
    "on": true

Turn the device off.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.OnOff",
  "params": {
    "on": false

Sample utterances


  • Bitte Licht aus
  • Bitte das Wohnzimmer einschalten
  • Bitte die Küche ausstellen
  • Ist der Staubsauger an
  • Ist in der Küche noch was an
  • Lampen an


  • are the lights off
  • turn off the AC
  • turn on my lights
  • what is on in the kitchen ?


  • enciende el robot de limpieza
  • enciéndeme el salón


  • Tu peux éteindre le salon ?
  • allume la chambre
  • allume les lumières
  • est-ce que la lumière de la cuisine est éteinte
  • qu'est-ce qui est allumé dans la cuisine
  • éteins les lumières


  • किचन को ऑन करो
  • किचन में कुछ ऑन है?
  • बत्तियाँ जला दें
  • बालकनी ऑफ कर दो
  • लाइट आन है क्या
  • लाइट ऑफ करो


  • Accendimi la luce in cucina
  • Ho spento la luce in bagno ?
  • accendere in cucina
  • ho lasciato il bagno acceso?
  • spegni la luce della camera
  • spengi camera bimbi


  • エアコン はついてる
  • キッチン で何がオンになっていますか
  • ベッドルーム をつけて
  • リビング をオフにして
  • 照明 をオンにして
  • 照明 を消して


  • 거실 꺼 줘
  • 거실 에어컨 전원 켜
  • 거실 켜 줘
  • 켜져 있어
  • 에어컨 전원 꺼 줘
  • 주방 에 뭐 켜져 있어


  • babykamer aandoen
  • doe het licht aan
  • doe het licht uit
  • staat de droger aan
  • staat er iets aan in de keuken


  • Acender a luz .
  • Apagar a luz .
  • a sala está apagada?
  • acender a sala
  • eu apaguei luz do quarto ?
  • quero desligar o quarto


  • stäng av lampan
  • sätt på ljuset
  • vad är på i badrummet
  • Är badrumslampan på?


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