Developer Newsletter September 2022

It's all about Matter! We're excited to announce the launch of the Google Home Developer Console, a one-stop shop to build more intelligent and helpful Matter devices for millions of users.
Calling all Matter developers! You're now able to learn, build, and test your Matter integration in one place. Check out the overview and checklist before getting started.
Build your Matter devices and apps quickly and reliably and integrate with Google Home. Use Nest Hub to test your Matter devices, and Play services APIs to quickly pair on Android.
The Google Home Test Suite allows you to self-test your Smart Home Action. It generates and runs test cases based on the devices and traits. You can view the test results or fill in the submission form to submit the test results to Google.
Discover a new era for Google Home — the best platform for smart home developers to build and innovate with Matter, Thread, and more.
Collaborate on Matter smart home development with other Google partner developers and Google's developer solutions experts.
Participate in developer research studies to help shape Google Home technical guidance, tools, and APIs that impact your users.