Developer Newsletter May 2023

Your Google I/O 2023 recap:
Matter, automations, preview programs, and more!
We're excited to announce tools for enabling Android developers to enhance their apps with smart home control. Plus, get a sneak peek of how we're empowering smart home developers to build intelligent automations that users can easily discover and adopt.
Discover how to level up your cloud-to-cloud project to Matter, how Google and Connectivity Standards Alliance certification programs complement each other, and tools and techniques that may improve your integration quality.
In this codelab, we cover a new set of metrics to debug device commissioning, execution, and OTA update issues. We also share developer support resources like the Nest Developer Community, Stack Overflow, and the Google Issue Tracker.
In this codelab, you'll learn how to stream to Google Nest displays using WebRTC while also monitoring and debugging your camera integrations.
Interested in testing new Google Home APIs to build smart home experiences directly in your Android app? Or new automation capabilities to simplify writing and publishing automations for your customers?
Participate in developer research studies to help shape Google Home technical guidance, tools, and APIs that impact your users.