Supported starters, conditions, and actions

Automations support the following starters and actions. All states are also supported as conditions.

State / Event (starter)
Command (action)
Supported Fields Description
and A compound condition to represent logical AND of all the child conditions.
assistant.command.Broadcast message
assistant.command.OkGoogle okGoogle
assistant.event.OkGoogle query
device.command.ActivateScene activate Activate or deactivate a scene.
device.command.AppInstall newApplicationName Install an application on the given device.
device.command.AppSearch applicationName Search for the given application.
device.command.AppSelect applicationName Select the given application.
device.command.ArmDisarm arm
Set the alarm level of the device.
device.command.BrightnessAbsolute brightness Adjust device absolute brightness. When brightness is set to any value greater than 0, if the device is off, it powers on, and the [`OnOffState.state`](./on_off_state) changes to reflect that the device is on. Likewise, when brightness is set to 0, the device powers off and the [`OnOffState.state`](./on_off_state) changes accordingly.
device.command.BrightnessRelative brightnessRelativePercent
Adjust device relative brightness. When brightness is set to any value greater than 0, if the device is off, it powers on, and the [`OnOffState.state`](./on_off_state) changes to reflect that the device is on. Likewise, when brightness is set to 0, the device powers off and the [`OnOffState.state`](./on_off_state) changes accordingly.
device.command.Charge charge Start or stop charging.
Sets the color to the specified hue. When the color is set on a device that is off, the device powers on, and the [`OnOffState.state`](./on_off_state) changes to reflect this. Likewise, when brightness is set to 0, the device powers off and the [`OnOffState.state`](./on_off_state) changes accordingly.
device.command.Cook cookingMode
Start or stop cooking.
device.command.Dispense amount
Dispense items.
device.command.Dock Dock the device.
device.command.EnableDisableGuestNetwork enable Enable or disable the guest network.
device.command.EnableDisableNetworkProfile enable
Enable or disable a network profile. Secondary user verification with PIN must be used. A user's home security can be considered affected if other security devices are disabled via these commands.
device.command.Fill fill
Fill or drain the device.
device.command.FindMyDevice silence Locate the target device by generating a local alert.
device.command.HumidityRelative relativeHumidityPercent
Adjust the humidity level relative to the current value.
device.command.LightEffectColorLoop duration Cycle the device through a set of colors.
device.command.LightEffectPulse duration Light intensity increases from mid-level brightness to maximum brightness and then decreases to mid-level brightness with a total cycle time of one pulse per second. During each cycle, maximum brightness should last 200ms and mid-level brightness, excluding the transition period, should last at least 500ms.
device.command.LightEffectSleep duration Over a span of time, gradually decrease the device's brightness and, optionally, alter the color temperature.
device.command.LightEffectWake duration Over a span of time, gradually increase the device's brightness and, optionally, alter the color temperature.
device.command.LockUnlock lock Lock or unlock the device.
device.command.MediaNext Skip to next media item.
device.command.MediaPause Pause media playback.
device.command.MediaPrevious Skip to previous media item.
device.command.MediaResume Resume media playback.
device.command.MediaShuffle Shuffle the current playlist.
device.command.MediaStop Stop media playback.
device.command.Mute mute Mute or unmute the given device.
device.command.NextInput Switch to the next input.
device.command.OnOff on Turn the device on or off.
device.command.OpenClose openDirection
Set the open-close state of the device
device.command.PauseUnpause pause Pause or unpause device operation.
device.command.PreviousInput Switch to the previous input.
device.command.Reboot Reboots the device.
device.command.RelativeChannel channelCount Adjust the current channel by a relative amount.
device.command.ReturnChannel Return to the previous channel the user was on.
device.command.ReverseFan Reverse the direction of the fan.
device.command.RotateAbsolute rotationDegrees
Set the absolute rotation of the device.
device.command.SelectChannel channelCode
Set the current channel to a specific value.
device.command.SetFanSpeed fanSpeed Set the fan speed.
device.command.SetFanSpeedRelative fanSpeedRelativePercent
Set the relative speed for the fan.
device.command.SetHumidity humidity Set the humidity level to an absolute value.
device.command.SetInput newInput Set the media input.
device.command.SetVolume volumeLevel Set the volume of a given device.
device.command.StartStop start Start or stop the device.
device.command.StopLightEffect Stop the current light effect.
device.command.ThermostatSetMode thermostatMode Set the target operating mode for a thermostat device.
device.command.ThermostatTemperatureSetpoint thermostatTemperatureSetpoint Set the target temperature for a thermostat device.
device.command.ThermostatTemperatureSetRange thermostatTemperatureSetpointHigh
Set a target temperature range for a thermostat device.
device.command.TimerAdjust duration Adjust the timer duration.
device.command.TimerCancel Cancel the timer.
device.command.TimerPause Pause timer.
device.command.TimerResume Resume timer.
device.command.TimerStart duration Start a new timer.
device.event.AnimalCatDetection A cat has been detected by the camera.
device.event.AnimalDogDetection A dog has been detected by the camera.
device.event.AnimalOtherDetection An animal has been detected by the camera.
device.event.DoorbellPress A doorbell has been pressed.
device.event.FaceFamiliarDetection A familiar face has been detected by the camera.
device.event.FaceUnfamiliarDetection An unfamiliar face has been detected by the camera.
device.event.MotionDetection Motion has been detected by the device.
device.event.MovingVehicleDetection A moving vehicle has been detected by the camera.
device.event.PackageDelivered A delivered package has been detected by the camera.
device.event.PersonDetection A person has been detected by the camera.
device.event.PersonTalking The sound of person talking has been detected by the device.
device.event.Sound A sound has been detected by the device.
device.state.AppSelector currentApplication For devices which are able to switch between applications.
device.state.ArmDisarm currentArmLevel
For devices such as security systems that support arming and disarming, this indicates whether the device is armed or disarmed.
device.state.Brightness brightness The brightness setting for a device.
device.state.Channel For devices that support channels on a media device.
device.state.ColorSetting color.colorTemperature
The state of a color setting.
device.state.Cook currentCookingMode
For devices that can cook food according to various food presets and supported cooking modes.
device.state.Dock isDocked For self-mobile devices that can be commanded to return for charging.
device.state.EnergyStorage descriptiveCapacityRemaining
The state of an energy storage device such as a battery, including the amount of energy it is storing, whether or not it is charging, and whether or not it is plugged in.
device.state.FanSpeed currentFanSpeedPercent
For devices that support setting the speed of a fan.
device.state.Fill currentFillLevel
For devices that support being filled, such as a bathtub.
device.state.HumiditySetting humidityAmbientPercent
For devices that support humidity settings such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers.
device.state.InputSelector currentInput Enables querying devices which are able to switch inputs. Media inputs can have dynamic names per device that represent audio or video feeds. These feeds can be hardwired or networked, but they should be named and reasonably persistent. This does not support arbitrary ephemeral feeds, such as a searchable networked library. Paired, named Bluetooth sources are supported. Sources can have multiple names, so user-created and discovered names are supported, as well as default names; for example, 'hdmi_1'might also be 'DVD player,' or 'usb_1' might also be 'Hard drive'. Media inputs can be ordered to support 'next' and 'previous' commands. Note: InputSelector does not support query grammar.
device.state.LightEffects activeLightEffect For devices that can support complex lighting commands to change state, such as looping through various colors.
device.state.LockUnlock isJammed
For devices that support locking and unlocking, and/or reporting a locked state.
device.state.MediaState playbackState For devices that play media, the state of the media, such as whether or not it is playing.
device.state.MotionDetection motionDetectionEventInProgress For devices that can detect motion.
device.state.OccupancySensing occupancy For devices that can detect occupancy, whether through PIR, ultrasonic, or physical contact sensing.
device.state.Online online For devices that support online and offline state, and/or report online and offline state.
device.state.OnOff on The basic on and off functionality for any device that has binary on and off, including plugs and switches as well as many future devices.
device.state.OpenClose openPercent For devices that support opening and closing, and in some cases opening and closing partially or potentially in more than one direction.
device.state.Record isCurrentlyRecording For devices that support recording to media.
device.state.Rotation rotationDegrees
For devices that support rotation, such as blinds with rotatable slats.
device.state.RunCycle currentCycleRemainingTime
For devices that have an ongoing duration for their operation which can be queried. Devices like these will report their total number of cycles at the start of operation, and each cycle the device is currently in while running.
device.state.SensorState currentSensorStateData.key
A measurement produced by a sensor. FOr example, the amount of smoke measured by a smoke detector, or the amount of carbon monoxide measured by a carbon monoxide detector, and so forth.
device.state.StartStop isPaused
For devices that support starting and stopping operations. Starting and stopping a device serves a similar function to turning it on and off. It indicates that devices function differently when turned on and when started. Certain washing machines, for instance, are able to be turned on and have their settings modified before actually starting operation.
device.state.TemperatureControl temperatureAmbient
Controls temperature for a device other than a thermostat (for example, an oven), either within or around the device.
device.state.TemperatureSetting activeThermostatMode
For devices that support temperature points and modes.
device.state.Timer timerPaused For devices that support timer capability. For instance, a smart sprinkler controller or smart light switch may have a built-in timer. This can be used to query the device about how much time remains on the timer.
device.state.Volume currentVolume
For devices which are able to change volume (for example, setting the volume to a certain level, mute, or unmute).
home.command.Notification body
Send a notification to the specified home members.
home.state.HomePresence homePresenceMode
not A condition to represent logical NOT of another condition.
or A compound condition to represent logical OR of all the child conditions.
time.between Represents a time range.
time.delay Adds a pause in the automation execution.
time.schedule Represents a time schedule event.