ThreadNetworkClient A client for the Thread Network API. 


IntentSenderResult A wrapper of nullable IntentSender result returned by APIs of ThreadNetworkClient
ThreadBorderAgent Data interface for Thread Border Agent. 
ThreadBorderAgent.Builder Builder for constructing ThreadBorderAgent instances. 
ThreadNetwork Entry point for Thread Network API. 
ThreadNetworkCredentials Data interface for managing Thread Network Credentials. 
ThreadNetworkCredentials.Builder Builder for constructing ThreadNetworkCredentials instances. 
ThreadNetworkCredentials.ChannelMaskEntry The Channel Mask Entry of Thread Operational Dataset. 
ThreadNetworkCredentials.SecurityPolicy The class represents Thread Security Policy. 
ThreadNetworkCredentials.Timestamp The timestamp of Thread Operational Dataset. 
ThreadNetworkCredentialsResult A wrapper of nullable ThreadNetworkCredentials result returned by APIs of ThreadNetworkClient
ThreadNetworkStatusCodes Status codes for ThreadNetworkClient methods result Task failures.