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Everything you need to build the best smart home experience for your devices and apps, and bring them to market.

Grow your business with Google Home™

Your devices do more with Google
Add branded assets and device-specific guidance to Fast Pair setup flows, that let users seamlessly detect and connect devices to your app and Google Home from the home screen of their phones.
Enable your users to control your devices across the entire Google ecosystem including Nest hubs, Google Home, Android, and the Google Home app.
Leverage the Google Home analytics dashboard to monitor your device integration quality, and gain actionable business insights on how users engage with your devices.

Certification & badging program

Learn more about program requirements and ensure your team is ready to launch.
Smart home goes way beyond voice. Developers who integrate their devices through the Developer Center, or have existing Works With Hey Google integrations, can use the new Works With Google Home badge.
Gives users confidence that your device will work everywhere they interact with Google.
Regardless of what integration you use, the Works With Google Home badge lets users know at a glance that that your device works well with Google Home.
Learn more about program requirements and make sure your team is ready to launch.

Why invest with Google?

Matter and Android enable delightful setup experiences, with both Google Home and your apps, so users can get started in just a few taps, and get the most out of your devices.
Users can engage with your devices across Google including the Google Home app, Nest speakers and displays, Android smart home controls, and of course with the Google Assistant.
We offer a comprehensive range of integration options to best suit your needs—from full cloud- and app-supported devices, to local integrations that negate the need to build an app or cloud integration.

Marketing resources

Everything you need for marketing Works With Google Home devices. From visual guidelines to badging assets to consumer messaging, it's all here.
Learn how to feature your devices on Google's Smart Home site, and help users find devices on Google Shopping.
Explore the Google Home consumer site to learn about the value Google Home brings to your users.

Authorized Solution Providers

Google introduced the Authorized Solution Provider (ASP) Program to help you find trustworthy and knowledgeable partners to build your smart home Actions for the Google Assistant. ASPs have been assessed by Google as having a specialized skill set.
ASPs can offer hardware modules, software, or professional services to connect your smart devices. They collaborate closely with Google to enable the latest features, validate, and certify your products for the Works with Google Home badge.
If you think your company has the expertise to assist device manufacturers in developing smart home Actions, please contact your Google Business Development manager.
CoolKit eWeLink provides turn-key solutions including hardware, firmware, connectivity modules, mobile apps and software as a service (SaaS) to accelerate your smart device product launches while minimizing time and cost.
Tuya is a global IoT platform that enables smart products for brands and manufacturers. Tuya provides users with a one-stop solution that includes hardware access, cloud services, and app development.
Google does not endorse, or offer any warranty, regarding these solution providers. Each Solution Provider is fully responsible for their services, and is not affiliated with Google, nor do they offer services on behalf of Google. Customers are fully responsible for their use of services.
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