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Ways to build
With Google's comprehensive suite of tools for Matter development, you're on the fastest path to build Matter products that are compatible with all major ecosystems, and specifically work seamlessly with Google Home.

Why build Matter with Google?

Connect with Matter. Engage with Google.
Our comprehensive tools are the fastest path to learn, build and test Matter devices and apps that work across ecosystems.
Google's Matter APIs take care of connectivity so you can focus on innovation.
Developer support guides you on the fastest path to market, insights help you improve user satisfaction, and go to market tools help grow your business.
Illustration showing how Google Assistant executes a Matter request.
Matter with Google Home
Matter devices natively work with Google Home, and can be controlled everywhere your users interact with Google.
New Intelligence Clusters let you build devices that respond to whole-home context such as presence, for more helpful experiences.
Matter devices integrated and tested through the Developer Center, can carry the Works With Google Home badge, to give users confidence your devices work great with Google Home.
Illustration showing the Building with Google Home certification process.

Developer tools

Build your Matter-supported device
Test your smart home integration to ensure it meets launch requirements for Google’s smart home ecosystem.
Get access to Google Assistant Simulator, Cloud Logging, and other tools to simplify your smart home development process.
Use this web app to see contextual data stored in Home Graph to help you debug smart home Actions. Service Account Key is not required for access.


Learn about the new open standard that lets your device work with any Matter-certified ecosystem using a single protocol.

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