Local Home SDK hero image
Ways to build
Enhance your Cloud-to-cloud integration with Google Assistant by adding a local fulfillment path to route smart home intents.


The Local Home SDK adds a local path to cloud integrations, making device control more responsive and reliable.
Use TypeScript or JavaScript to write a local fulfillment app that manages your smart home business logic.
The Local Home SDK offers performance improvements to your smart home Action, including lower latency and higher reliability.
Local fulfillment is supported for all device types and device traits, except those that use secondary user verification.
Illustration showing how Google Assistant executes a Local Home SDK request.
Illustration showing the Building with Google Home certification process.

Developer tools

Test your smart home integration to ensure it meets launch requirements for Google’s smart home ecosystem.
Get access to Google Assistant Simulator, Cloud Logging, and other tools to simplify your smart home development process.
Simulate a smart home project by simulating a virtual home with configurable device types and traits.


Understand the concepts behind the Local Home SDK.
Learn how to develop and test local fulfillment for your existing smart home Action.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, features, and requirements from Google Home