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What's new
Check out a recap of Google I/O 2023 developer highlights and testing opportunities

Don't miss exciting updates on how we've made it easier to build apps for Matter devices on Android. Plus, a peek into our new automations platform.

New codelabs

Learn how to stream from a webcam to a Google Nest display device with the CameraStream trait and WebRTC.
Learn how to use analytics tools to monitor Matter issues at scale, triage errors by accessing error logs and collecting information, and more.
Learn how to integrate a physical device with Matter, and commission and control it with Google Home.

Upcoming preview programs

Be one of the first to try new tools and provide feedback.
Test drive the device and structure support added to the Google Home APIs that will help you innovate and build differentiated experiences in the Google Home ecosystem for Android.
Try our new automations platform that unlocks new capabilities, including starter scripts powered by Google AI, and templates your users can adopt.