Smart Home Scene Trait Schema

action.devices.traits.Scene - This trait is used to implement virtual devices together with the SCENE device type.

See the Scene type guide for more information.

For example, if a device allows users to configure one-touch grouping of commands — setting lights to specific colors, or sequencing various security features, or any other combination of activities — this configuration can be exposed through SYNC as a named scene, and the Assistant will make these scenes available to users through simple activation grammar:

  • Start Party Mode.
  • Activate midnight scene.

As virtual objects, scenes can be placed in rooms (if relevant) for disambiguation:

  • Start party time in the kitchen.
  • Activate nightlight mode in the bedrooms.

One difference between scenes and physical targets is that the Assistant will automatically apply plural effects to Scene commands, allowing users to trigger scenes across multiple partners. For example, if a user has a "party mode" scene on two different partners, one for security and one for lights, Activate party mode will trigger both.

Scenes will interact well with upcoming Personal Actions for custom grammar (for example, Activate Party Mode -> Let's get the party started!).

Scenes should always have user-provided names versus default "BobCo Scene" naming. Each scene is its own virtual device, with its own name(s). User-provided names may come in from SYNC.


Devices with this trait may report the following attributes as part of the SYNC operation. To learn more about handling SYNC intents, see Intent fulfillment.

Attributes Type Description
sceneReversible Boolean

(Default: false)

Indicates that this scene can be cancelled. This attribute is only relevant for scenes that modify state and remember previous state. The device supports the ActivateScene command with the deactivate parameter to true.


Device that supports a reversible scene.

  "sceneReversible": true




Devices with this trait may respond to the following commands as part of the EXECUTE operation. To learn more about handling EXECUTE intents, see Intent fulfillment.


Activate or deactivate a scene.


Parameters Type Description
deactivate Boolean


True to cancel a scene if it is reversible, false to activate a scene.


Activate a scene by name.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.ActivateScene",
  "params": {
    "deactivate": false

Deactivate a scene by name.

  "command": "action.devices.commands.ActivateScene",
  "params": {
    "deactivate": true


See the full list of errors and exceptions.