Develop for Cloud-to-cloud

Google provides SDKs, tools, and sample apps for jump-starting your Cloud-to-cloud journey, whether you're integrating a simple switch or a complex AV receiver.

These resources are designed to let the developer focus development efforts on building capabilities and features, while investing less effort in dealing with infrastructure.

Samples & libraries

Develop phase

Our end-to-end samples can be used as a starting point for your own integration, or to illustrate how best to create a new one. And Google Home Graph API client libraries are available in a variety of languages.

Samples Client Libraries


Google Home Extension for VS Code

Develop phase

The Google Home Extension for Visual Studio Code allows you to interact directly with Google Home ecosystem. For example, you can type a command, such as 'turn on my lightbulb', and the Google Assistant will process your request in the cloud and send the command to the device.

Use this extension during the development phase to:

  • Test Cloud-to-cloud devices that are integrated in Google Home.

  • Identify issues by viewing Google Cloud logs in real time, observing all the communication flowing in both directions. Filter by severity and time range.

  • Inspect the JSON content of log messages.

  • Issue Assistant commands in scripted format to help you test faster in a repeatable way.

SYNC data validator

Develop phase

We recommend using the SYNC data validator to validate the format of SYNC responses from your integration. This alleviates errors later in the testing process.

Google Home Playground

Develop phase

The Google Home Playground is useful for simulating your device type in the Google Home ecosystem prior to complete development with a physical device.

Use it during the development phase to:

  • Create virtual devices and configure them with traits for use in Google Home app (GHA).
  • See how devices appear in Home Graph.
  • Test secondary user verification for a device.

Google Home Test Suite

Test phase

Use the Google Home Test Suite to test your smart home integration and ensure it meets certification and launch requirements for the Google Home ecosystem.

Home Graph Viewer

Test phase

The Google Home Graph is used to check the state of devices in the Home Graph of a specific user. It's a quick way to verify Home Graph without using the API directly.